Praxis offers several types of services to help our customers meet their meshing and CAD needs.

  • CAD / CFD Software Distribution:
    We distribute a variety of CAD / CFD software products, combined with outstanding technical support, to match a wide range of our customers’ applications and projects.
  • Training:
    We offer various training options for all the supported products, including webinars, WebEx-based personalized sessions and on-site visits.
  • Consulting:
    Our team delivers CAD / CFD consulting projects to our customers in the following applications:
    • CAD parametric design
    • CAD-to-Mesh processes
    • Computational grid generation
    • Grid adaptation
    • CFD simulations
  • Technical Support:
    Our experienced team can help you overcome any technical obstacles or get you valuable guidelines towards accomplishing your CAD/CFD project.
  • Custom Software Development:
    We provide development of customized high-quality solutions and modules for all the supported products, based on our customers’ specific needs and requirements. We also focus on streamlining and automating customer engineering processes using an integrated workflow that increases the overall efficiency, reduces the operational costs and saves up time.